Crystals & Gems

Keep an eye on our social media. We are so excited to offer not only healing jewelry but we want to offer education into the benefits and healing qualities of stones. Here's a sneak peek.....

Something New Coming Soon

We are working on something new. Coming soon will be our Amethyst & Opal infused Lavender and May Chang essential oil roller balls. Also, who needs a detox? We are working on perfecting the perfect Detox Bath blend. This Detox Bath Blend is full of all natural ingredients to help the body rid all those nasty toxins. We will be launching both these products at our upcoming Calgary and area markets.....Be sure to pick them up before Christmas, perfect stocking stuffers!


Market Season

Well market season is almost here and we have been working as fast as our hands will go. This year we will have a new collection of jewelry as well as some new colours of our knit items. Don't forget that we have exclusive listings only found on our website. 

Once this years market season is over we plan on adding a section to our website for our knit and crochet items including: cowls, infinity scarves, toques and headbands. We often get asked why we don't list them prior to market season and the reason is we just can't keep them long enough to list them. Blessed?!?!?! heck yes! so we have decided that once our busy season is over we will list exclusive items that can only be seen and purchase from the SC website. Keep an eye out as these items will go quickly.


DIY Bath Salts

So, anyone who knows me knows that I love DIY projects. Today I decided it was time I tried out making my own bath salts! WOW, easy, affordable and totally worth it!

To make your own bath salts use these simple measurments: (makes about 2 and half cups, and all you need is about half a cup per bath more for longer soaks)

2 cups Epson salts, 1/2 cup baking soda, handful of Himalayan salt (mostly for looks) about a table spoon of coconut oil distributed evenly on the top (adding to one spot will cause clumps in your salt) and about 15 - 20 drops of your favourite essential oil. Today I did Lavender with ground up rose buds. Add all your dry ingredients to a bowl and mix, add your fractionated coconut oil and stir, add about half of your drops of essential oil, stir, add the remaining essential oil, add in your Himalayan salts, stir and poof! done!. Himalayan salts are optional, you don't need them I just like how pretty they are mixed with the Epson salts. I purchased all my ingredients from Apothecary in Inglewood, they have everything you need to do this DIY project.

Till next time,

The Stretch Gals

Welcome to Stretch Creations - What we plan for our Blog

Thanks for checking out our shop.

We have so many thing planned for our blog, here are a few ideas. 

Essential oils 101, how to pick the perfect piece of jewelry, what oils work for what, possibly some nice easy blends, stone heath and sooooo much more. We would love to have your feedback, what would you like us to write about???? send me your ideas!

Thanks again, pop by often as we are always upping the shop with new pieces.