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Our Story

Stretch Creations is a small handmade business that began taking form in 2011. The name comes from my maiden name “Stretch”

Mom and daughter team we decided that we had so many things we had made for ourselves we thought, “I wonder if others would love these items as much as we do” and wow we were pleasantly surprised when others started buying and complementing our work. Starting at small markets in and around Calgary we eventually started doing bigger and bigger markets and thought wouldn’t it be exciting to sell our items around the world. And here we are.

We are located in the prairie provinces Saskatchewan and Alberta. From here we create functional, usable accessories from hand knit items for the cold winter months to essential oil diffuser jewelry. All items are locally made, hand crafted and distributed. We purchase all supplies to make these items locally.

Crafting is our passion, we love to create new items regularly. We have taken great pride in being creative and always trying to supply our supporters with the best quality items for the most affordable price. 

We believe all women are beautiful and deserve to have LOTS of accessories at an affordable price.

Check us out often as we change our items seasonally.