Crystal Healing Qualities

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Lava the oldest and most frequently found stone in the world, literally coming from the core of the earth. The number one healing property of lava is grounding. Lava is a symbol of fertility, endurance and strength. It helps dispel anger and provides guidance, clarity and hope during difficult times. 


Jade is a special gemstone of healing and stability. It helps relieve anxiety and lighten emotions; Jade is known to help eliminate negative energy and negative influences when worn closely to the skin. Jade is an overall stone used for its loving, soothing, caring and uplifting qualities. It is the stone that gives support in times of need and a hand of hope. Jade is especially useful worn by women how are going through hormonal changes.

Quartz - The Master Healer

Healing Qualities - Quarts is know as the master healer. It absorbs and stores positive energy while drawing away negativity and balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Quartz brings the body into balance.

Physiology - Pain, discomfort, maintains all organs.

Emotional - Reduces negativity, negative self talk, cleanses the mind and helps bring focus and clarity.

Agate - The Grounding Stone

Healing Qualities - Agate is a calming stone bringing balance to the Yin/Yang. It allows one to feel safe, secure and calm. It aids with calmness when dealing with stressful situations.

Physiology - Digestive system, feet, skin, uterus, pancreas.

Emotional - Improves self control, courage, healing, brings calmness and eases grief.

Jasper - The Nurturing Stone

Healing Qualities - Jasper helps increase energy and motivation. It aids with stress relief and nurtures any damaged areas within the body aiding with recovery and repair. 

Physiology - Helps prevent illnesses, nerves, cramps, colds + flus, digestive system.

Emotional - Brings strength and energy while also assisting with comfort and relaxation.

Calcite - The Development Stone

Healing Qualities - Calcite is best known to help speed up healthy growth and development.

Physiology - Kidney's, skin, pancreas, bones, blood.

Emotional - Helps relieve stress and fear while allowing inner peace.

Garnet - The Revitalizing Stone

Healing Qualities - Garnet is best know to help bring courage, energy and awareness to our daily lives.

Physiology - Anemia, low blood pressure, heart, under active thyroid, increase sex drive, spine.

Emotional - Helps bring balance to emotions. Garnet is known to help aid depression and aid in healing emotional trauma.

Opal - The Love + Passion Stone

Healing Qualities - Not only is opal an absolutely stunning crystal it is the stone used to bring and maintain love and passion. It is great for assisting with creativity, inspiration and encourages positive emotions. It allows the wearer to explore their deepest thoughts and feelings.

Physiology - Female reproductive system, eyes, circulation, useful for child birth.

Emotional - Helps manage the good with the bad. 

Rose Quartz - The Stone of Unconditional Love

Healing Qualities - Rose quartz stimulates the heart allowing it to shine love for ones self and others. You must love yourself fully before you can truly love another. It helps promote inner kindness, happiness, self esteem, self worth and aids with emotional healing.

Physiology - In addition to Quartz it is good for complexion, fertility, menstrual cycle, heart, blood, wrinkles, pain, detoxifying, circulation.

Emotional - used for love, romance, self love, happiness, forgiveness and enhancing self esteem. It can also reduce fear, grief, guilt and help with emotional healing.

Amethyst - The Spiritual Stone

Healing Qualities - Amethyst is hands down my favourite stone. It is an extremely powerful protective and spiritual crystal. Used to open spirituality, protection to the holder/wearer, protection from harm, reduces stress, brings feelings of stability and aids with sleep for people who tend to have insomnia or an over active mind.

Physiology - Hormones, hearing, insomnia, cancer, arthritis, immune system, stomach, skin.

Emotional - Reduces anger, fear, anxiety, stress and rage. It allows the the mind to slow down and enter a calming state to allow the body to rest peacefully.

Fluorite - The Organization Stone

Healing Qualities - Fluorite aids with physical and mental disorganization. It helps clear the mind allowing it to focus clearly when making decisions.

Physiology - Colds, flus, ulcers backaches, weight gain, brain, joints, anti-inflammatory 

Emotional - Allows the heart and mind to think as one unit. It relieves stress, brings calms and aids with sleep. It allows one to see realistically rather than seeing and feeling from the heart it allows the heart to speak to the mind to make decisions based on reality not hope.

Tourmaline - The Protective Stone

Healing Qualities - Tourmaline is the crystal best known to guard against physical and mental harm. Great for adventurists, travellers or anyone needing to feel a bit more calm when adventuring out of their comfort zone.

Physiology - Detoxification, mental health, bladder, spine, lymphatic system.

Emotional - Self confidence, reduces fears worry and overthinking.

Blood Stone - The Immune Stimulating Stone

Healing Qualities - Bloodstone is a courage and creative enhancing crystal. it helps calm the mind and aids with mental exhaustion. Bloodstone will allow you to think clearly when making any decisions.

Physiology - Helps eliminate toxins, cleans the blood, regulates menstruation, hips, bladder, joints.

Emotional - Helps release stress, aggression and anger. Brings entering, calmness and increases self esteem.

Golden Healer - The Stone of Golden Light

Healing Qualities - The Golden Healer is an amazing crystal. It reduces depression symptoms, anxiety, stress, rage and anger while enhancing calmness. It rids negativity both internally and externally including harmful self talk. 

Physiology - Sinuses, heart, muscular system.

Emotional - Clams mental and physical effects of harmful emotions will brining balance to the body and inner healing.

Labradorite - The Stone of Mental Health

Healing Qualities - Labradorite is excellent to help balance and maintain physical and metal health. 

Physiology - Digestion, hormones, brain health

Emotional - Helps remove negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Reduces negativity, anxiety and stress. 

Aquamarine - The Courage Stone

Healing Qualities - Aquamarine is the stone most used to reduce fears and bring courage to conquer stressful situations. This crystal is carried by travellers to protect them from external harm along their journeys. 

Physiology - Kidney's, swelling, throat, cleansing, immune system, swollen glands, and aids in fooling and over heated body.

Emotional - Heightens spirituality and self awareness. Clears communication blockages and encourages on to be non-judgemental.

Carnelian - The Feel Better Stone

Healing Qualities - Carnelian is my go to stone when I am feeling any type of internal uncertainty or physical pain. Carnelian brings energy, self esteem, motivation and courage to be your true self. Carnelian is used for women with mental pain, or PMS related issues.

Physiology - Cuts, lungs, liver, spleen, blood, reproductive system, metabolism. 

Emotional - Relieves negative and harmful feelings from stress, anxiety, fear, anger, rage and grief.  Aids in reducing symptoms of emotions during pre-menstration. 

Moonstone - The Goddess Stone - The Stone for all the Ladies - 

Healing Qualities - Similar to Carnelian, moonstone should be owned by every woman out there. Moonstone helps reduce PMS symptoms including emotions, negative self talk and most importantly painful menstrual cycles. 

Physiology - Female reproductive system, hormones, menstrual pain, hair, skin.

Emotional - A soothing crystal helping the body enter a calm state gaining control of emotions and bringing peace to the mind and body. 

Turquoise - Stone of Protection

Healing Qualities - Like Tourmaline, turquoise is a stone of protection. When placed in the home it protects the property from harmful pollution, when wearing the stone it protects from accidents. Turquoise encourages love, compassion, friendship, creativity and wisdom.

Physiology - Circulation, muscles, immune system, air sickness, allergies, arthritis, skin.

Emotional - Turquoise contains anti-inflammatories and detoxifying effects.

Pyrite - The Negative Protector Stone

Healing Qualities - Pyrite is a shield against negativity. It deflects harm while brining protection to the mind, body and spirit. Another name for Pyrite is fools gold because of its close resemblance to real gold. 

Physiology - Bones, respiratory system, cells, infection, digestive track, circulation, radiation sickness, lungs. 

Emotional - Helps reduce all negativity from the body whether it is self talk, harm from others or stress from hurtful situations. It reduces the effects from harmful emotions.

Tiger Eye - The Mood Lifting Stone

Healing Qualities - Tiger Eye is known for its amazing power of decreasing depression and lifting even the harshest moods. Hold, wear or be near tiger eye to feel the body enter a calmer state and shift foul moods into less intense moods.

Physiology - Digestive system, nausea, bones, throat.

Emotional - Tiger Eye gives the wearer/holder the courage and confidence they need to trust your gut feeling, if it doesn't feel right don't do it. It also helps with building self confidence and self worth.

Hematite - The Grounding Stone

Healing Qualities - Similar to agate crystals, Hematite is known to help keep the holder feel strong, stable, secure and grounded. It is especially great for help with mental grounding when dealing with mental exhaustion. It is known to aid with arthritis pain, making it one of the most sought after bracelets for people with carpal tunnel or arthritis of the wrists and hands. 

Physiology - Cramps, heart, circulation, brain, arthritis pain, carpal tunnel, pain.

Emotional - Hematite can find in finding harmony to the entire body. It allows peaceful flow of thoughts and feelings.

Amazonite - The Reality Stone

Healing Qualities - Amazonite is the stone best worn when protection from EMF is hight. This crystal allows you to feel good with who you are and comfort with your true purpose in life. It allows you to be your one and only true self.

Physiology - Metabolism, heart, nervous system.

Emotional - Amazonite alleviates feelings of fear and worry while protecting you against harmful emotions and feelings. 

Aventurine - The Stone for the Student and Thinker

Healing Qualities - Aventurine is great for students during exams and exam preparation. It helps reduce anxiousness and encourages balance between the Yin and Yang.

Physiology - Glands, spleen, muscles, kidney's, heart, sinuses.

Emotional - Soothes emotions to allow one to process situations clearly. Increases relaxation after physical and mental exertion. 

Citrine - The Wealth Stone

Healing Qualities - Citrine is knows as the money crystal, brining wealth and abundance. It also encourages generosity and gratitude. Allows the wearer/holder to see the true blessings and beauty in all the small things around them.

Physiology - Eyes, nausea, vomiting, anemia, thymus, hormones, immune system.

Emotional - Increases self esteem, self worth and opens the eyes to see beauty in all the small gifts we receive each day.

Selenite - The Divine Light Crystal

Healing Qualities - Selenite has the amazing power of ridding negativity from your mind and body. It cleanses your mind, body and even the space in which it is placed in. Selenite clears away darkness, helps one avoid dark or harmful situations and protects you against harm. Selenite is a cleansing crystal, hold it close to your body or in any space where you wish to rid negativity or harmful forces.

Physiology - Longevity, skin, youthfulness, age spots, skin problems, increase of sex drive, hair loss

Emotional - Brings clarity of the mind. Helps deal with abuse.

Howlite - The Communication Stone

Healing Qualities - Howlite is amazing for clear, calm communication. Wear it or hold it when needing to remain calm during difficult conversations. Howlite calms the mind allowing positive energy to flow from body to mind. It helps relax the body allowing the mind to soften thoughts, relax harmful feelings and allows peaceful rest.

Physiology - Immune system, physical pain, teeth and bones.

Emotional - Helps release stress and anger.